The group seeks to advance knowledge and practice of sustainable infrastructure through the development and evaluation of engineering, financing, construction, and organizational solutions to build effective, social and environmental justice infrastructure. We are accomplishing our mission by conducting cutting-edge research and integrating research with engineering education and public outreach. Our approach is unique as it encompasses a wide-range inter-disciplinary fields and emphasizes practical applications.

Green to Gold ?
Green principles are increasingly being incorporated into infrastructure planning, design, construction, and decision-making process. However, the actual cost and benefit of going green have not yet been thoroughly measured in the AEC industry. The Sustainable Infrastructure group investigated the short-term financial performance and long-term economic value of green firms through an empirical analysis of 12 pairs of conventional and green firms. The analysis reveals that going green can provide higher financial performance and long-term competitive advantage by creating shared value. A significant difference in return on equity (ROE), 17.44% vs 8.72%, and economic value added (EVA), 1.08% vs -0.743%, is found between green and conventional contractors.
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